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Hello, and thank you for visiting zetlinfitness.com. Please take the time to read Shaun's philosophy on training, his credentials that range from his successful exercise programs to his nutritional menus, and his published writings. Shaun offers an extensive patient approach to every client's needs and believes in inspiring a healthy lifestyle by motivating through proper techniques to the individual's personality. Shaun believes success starts with a proper plan that allows action to follow while keeping a positive attitude. Additionally, anyone can accomplish any goal by keeping a passionate drive by striving to never settle for your constant best. Shaun believes in not only achieving your fitness goals, but maintaining a fitness level that you will always be proud of.

A new book from Shaun is on the way!

"Push-up Progression: A 24 Push-up Journey to Stabilization, Strength and Power' will be available nationwide in paperback and ebook format on January 1, 2015.

New video series posted on LiveStrong.com!

Shaun has teamed up with his client, Eran Bugge Jones from Paul Taylor Dance Company to perform 10 strength training videos with Livestrong.com. Below you'll find one of the videos from the series and a link to the other nine videos.


Shaun's book has been published!

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"Push-Up Progression Workout for a Stronger Core" is a twelve push-up journey to progress by performing a variety of push-up techniques. This book discusses how crucial the push-up is in regards to training the core, upper body, and lower body.
The push-ups outlined in this book can be performed quickly and conveniently at home or on the road. Most importantly, no matter your fitness level, this book shows you how the push-up can benefit everyone!

Push-Up Progression Workout for a Stronger Core has been featured with Discovery Channel!

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