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Emotional Fitness to me is best defined as empowering yourself emotionally through exercise. Emotional Fitness has the ability to help you feel your deserved emotional freedom! Movement can produce a calming and exhilarating effect on multiple levels as you begin to release your own emotions, either joyous or sad. When you embrace fitness as a means of feeling more open emotionally, then your workouts (and life) can reach an entirely new level of happiness! You can have the skills to harness your true powers emotionally and physically while shedding those negative and painful emotions that have held you back from achieving your life and fitness goals. Emotional Fitness will help you achieve a feeling of “wholeness” emotionally and physically in being who you truly are! When you classify exercise in this way, you then begin to live your best quality of life. When you experience what exercise can truly accomplish for you emotionally, you witness the marvel of Emotional Fitness!


"Emotions don’t care about your “why” or what you truly want."


I understand your emotional struggles in not obtaining your fitness goals because I lived them...


I truly believe that in life you are right where you should be emotionally and physically at this very moment. To put it simply, you haven’t missed anything! You haven’t missed your chance!


I am so honored and incredibly excited to take this journey with you!


You are not alone.


We are in this together!


I might not know you personally, but I do believe in you! I trust you will make the brave decision on your own journey to be the best YOU possible!


You can live the life you deserve.






Work with Shaun directly to help you achieve your emotional freedom with proper guidance and support in a manner that is most comfortable for you:


First Tier (monthly structure)


  • One one hour phone call or Facetime a month 

  • One individual Emotional Fitness program based upon your emotional strengths and goals 

  • Progression Plans for next month 


Second Tier (monthly structure)


  • Two one-hour phone calls or FaceTime calls a month 

  • One individual Emotional Fitness program based upon your emotional strengths and goals 

  • Weekly check-ins for accountability 

  • Progression Plans for next month 


Third Tier (monthly structure) 


  • Four one hour phone calls or Facetime a month

  • One individual Emotional Fitness program based upon your emotional strengths and goals 

  • Daily check-ins for accountability 

  • Continous guidance with your workouts, goals, and journals (permitting) 

  • Progression Plans for next month 

Everything truly is within your power if you are willing to: accept your path, believe you are worthy, know you are empowered, know that you can “lower the volume,” and be your biggest fan…

Imagine having the emotional freedom that you deserve. You are more than capable of becoming the person that you were meant to be or have always been, given your individual path. Emotional Fitness has helped me, from within, to find the best version of myself. I only hope to continue to inspire others to find the same peace from within, while influencing the world to be kinder and happier.
-Shaun Zetlin
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