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Shaun offers services in both fitness and nutrition.

He works with all types of goals and fitness levels specializing in

a wide range of categories including:

PRE- &



Shaun offers in-person one-on-one training for those located in the New City Metro Area. In your sessions together, Shaun will apply an approach based on proper form, patience, and passion. Moreover, you and Shaun will work as a team together, while he guides you on your fitness journey. The first session is always complimentary because it is crucial that Shaun learns about your fitness history, current fitness levels, any injuries, and any muscular/postural imbalances before creating your personalized routines. He'll then customize and craft your sessions to ensure that you're progressing steadily. You can also expect these workouts to be fun with laughs while still focusing on achieving your goals!

  • One-on-One or in Small Groups

  • Typically One-Hour in duration

  • First Session is Complimentary

  • Rates available upon request



Shaun is excited to offer corporate training for businesses based in the New York City Metro Area! He understands how hard the average New Yorker works daily given all of the hours they spend physically and mentally at their job. Shaun knows it can be hard for workers to find the time and motivation to workout; therefore, his in-office group classes allow a convenient and health-focused way for employees to get moving (which has been proven to increase happiness and productivity)! Classes will be structured based on number of attendees with a focus on addressing specific occupational needs (no prior fitness experience is required; these sessions are for everyone)! Shaun applies the same patient and passionate approach to group training that he does with his individual clients. He also loves to introduce team-building exercises, all while coaching on the importance of mental health, too. 

  • Class Structure based on group size

  • Typically One-Hour in duration

  • Company to provide space suitable for number of attendees to perform (no equipment is necessary)

  • Rates available upon request


For those of you who don’t live in the New York Metro Area, but still wish to train with Shaun, you still can (in two different ways)! The first format is training with Shaun live through your smartphone, laptop, or desktop using FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. You will feel as if Shaun is literally in the same room with you as he talks you through your sessions! In the second format, you and Shaun will have an initial  complimentary phone call to discuss your fitness goals. Shaun will then craft two customized fitness routines for you to perform on your own over the course of a month. You will then log your daily fitness, nutrition and mindset into a live Google document. You and Shaun will then have weekly 20-minute check-in phone calls to review and discuss your log details and overall progress, to help keep you motivated and accountable (and to also answer any questions you might have)!

  • Option One:

    • ​First Session is Complimentary

    • One-on-One via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom

  • Option Two:

    • Initial Phone Session is Complimentary

    • 20-minute Weekly Phone Calls; Google doc discussions 

  • Rates available upon request


While exercising is an obvious key component in achieving fitness success, health goals cannot be accomplished without proper nutrition intake. Shaun offers one-hour one-on-one sessions in which he will create two meticulous customized meal plans based upon your needs and lifestyle. Also, you and Shaun will have 20-minute weekly check-ins while tracking your progress in a live Google document to keep you inspired, consistent, and accountable --all while answering any questions you might have. This counseling is available live or online! 

  • Custom Meal Plan Sessions one-hour in duration

  • 20-minute Weekly Phone Calls; Google doc discussions

  • Rates available upon request

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