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Client Spotlight: Meet Rui Rita, Broadway Lighting Designer and Loyal Client Since 2005


Meet Rui Rita, Broadway Lighting Designer ( and a loyal client since 2005. When our fitness journey began, Rui's main goal was to lose weight since he was having trouble fitting into his 36 inch jeans. Moreover, Rui's emotional state-of-mind centered around feeling self-concious about his body. He strived to stay invisible to the world and had great fears of ever having to take of his shirt in public. If you had the pleasure of knowing Rui back then, you would see this physically as he stood with imperfect posture.

It was Rui and Rui alone that decided that he needed to make a major change in his life. Thus, the transformation began as Rui worked incredibly hard in our sessions together -- training as much as five times weekly to lose this unwanted weight. During this time, he changed his nutrition to serve as fuel for our workouts together and made the best choices he could make with his food while traveling. Yes, there were some struggles of having some muscular imbalances to correct, but Rui never let anything stand in his way of exercising. Along our journey, Rui's posture began to improve from our physical work together, however, there was a deeper transformation growing. Rui began to improve emotionally and the shame that had held him hostage for so many years -- was finally dying. This shame became replaced with confidence and pride.

Furthermore, what Rui didn't realize is that he would not only lose that unwanted fat, but that he would pack on loads of muscle to his frame, too. The body you see before you is something Rui never imagined for himself. He didn't think it was possible -- not even in his wildest dreams. Yet, here he stands with that body. Rui's journey is one of dedication, motivation, and inspiration.

The pride I feel for Rui is indescribable.

He continues to inspire me daily.

Begin your own fitness journey today...

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